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Case Studies

A collection of our software solutions projects and related services.

Case study for the development of a mobile application for a Central Bank

DVT developed a mobile application for a Central Bank that would be accessible on tablets and smartphones across Android, iOS and Windows Mobile with the ability to perform and export calculations performed on statistical data to MS Word, Excel and PDF.

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A Central Bank


Software development

Business Challenge

A Central Bank required the development of a mobile application to enable the public to access the latest as well as all historic Quarterly Bulletins. The App also needed to perform complex frequency transformations as well as graphs depicting statistical data. The Central Bank Economic Research and Statistics Department (ERSD) collects, processes, interprets and publishes economic data, statistics and other information. The Quarterly Bulletin (QB) is the flagship publication of the ERSD and is a major source of information that is made available to analysts, researchers and policy-makers.

The Result

The developed mobile application allows users to access the Quarterly Bulletin publications and provides quick and easy access to data in a format designed for mobile devices. It also contains a rich set of regularly updated statistical tables.

What users can do with the app?
  • View current and historical editions of the Quarterly Bulletin.
  • Search for information within the Quarterly Bulletin.
  • Search for time-series data by keyword or KBP code.
  • View and compare time-series data.
  • Perform calculations on statistical data.
  • View and create custom charts, graphs and tables.
  • Download/Export graphs, charts and tables using email.
  • View the Release Calendar.
  • Subscribe and receive push notifications for new publications.


  • Native Android
  • Native iOS
  • Native Windows Phone
  • Azure Hosting and Services
  • Web Services
  • ASP.Net MVC

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