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3 Tips to grow your staff successfully
Ineke Burger

3 Tips to grow your staff successfully

Growing your staff complement is a positive sign of growth and should be embraced, however, it should be done with caution. Wrong appointments will have harmful aftershocks - not only in terms of time and cost of people performance management but in reputational damage to your brand.

In today’s technology industry, companies are looking for the best talent to join their existing team and at the same time, the potential candidates are looking to join the best company. Appointing new staff is a two-way stream which must be navigated cautiously. Below are a few tips to consider to ensure a positive outcome:

1. Look beyond the CV

So you’ve found the CV that really stands out and speaks to your needs. Qualifications and skills are important, but remember that they can be taught. Unfortunately, good character cannot.

Be selective and allow soft skills to be a strong weight, as they are key to establish a professional workforce and a pleasant work environment. Effective communication skills, being a team player and having a good work ethic are some of those soft skills that need to be measured during the interview process. Ask the candidate open-ended behavioural questions to get them to talk freely. This will allow you to evaluate their soft skills.

Your company has values which all staff should live and work by. Keep them in mind when you screen and interview new candidates. If “taking ownership” is a value, then ask a related question to assess if your candidate is willing to take ownership for tasks and even failures. Appointing someone who doesn’t live by “integrity”, if it's your company value, will be fatal.

ALWAYS, do a thorough background screening and reference check. It's a good idea to mirror your interview questions to a fellow staff interviewer to get a second opinion on the same questions.

2. Have an attractive Employee Value Proposition

Skilled professionals are in high demand providing your candidate with options from other employers. It could be reasonable to assume that remuneration is fairly aligned for the same occupations in the same industry. Therefore focus on the other aspects of employee satisfaction. Make sure that your employee value proposition beats your competitors.

Recent employee surveys (do you have a survey we can reference?) have indicated that when it comes to staff retention, monthly salary is not top of mind. People want to be part of a company that is willing to invest in them and assist in their career growth. A proper onboarding process and an effective support/ mentorship programme is non-negotiable.

People don't tend to make a lateral move in the market if you offer them their next big challenge and something to look forward to in the near future. Establish and encourage a thought leadership culture in your company allowing staff to give their views on aspects topical to your line of business.

3. Get your team involved in the process

Use your existing staff to attract new talent by introducing them to the new candidates. This interaction will give the candidate exposure to the culture, energy and experience (successes and failures!) of the existing team. Since the new candidate will form part of a team, it will be valuable for both parties. It will also empower your team and include them in the hiring process. Ideally, the exposure should convince the new candidate to join and become an asset to your company.

Finally, recruitment should not become basic or “old news” but should rather enjoy renewed attention. With so many options for candidates today, it's time to clean out the cobwebs and focus on attracting the right people for your business.

If you have ideas or suggestions on this topic, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch via LinkedIn.