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Disruptive Technology is here to stay
Tanya Momberg

Disruptive Technology is here to stay

There are so many factors and trends that influence our current global economic climate. I constantly hear the words demographic shifts, disruptive innovation, globalization and climate change and that doesn’t include technology buzz words like AI, RPA, Cloud, Robotics and Crypto "mumbo jumbo". What does it mean and what is my position in this brave new world that is evolving at such an exponential rate?

I've probably learnt more in the last few years than ever before and I am excited about the future and at the same time terrified! As an account manager working in a software development company how will these megatrends manifest themselves in my world and how will it affect the way I do business?

A new generation of client has emerged that is becoming more aware and conscientious about their impact. The choices that they make and how to become more efficient in the workplace, which will have an impact on the wellbeing of staff and the environment. Within the context of my service offerings, how do I tend to these needs, knowing that there are positions that will become redundant and that the solutions that we offer, will further expedite the changes?

In addition to the above, another dominant impact currently within our industry, is the "Internet of Things". With the economic viability and the emergence of it still being analysed, it is a matter of time before it becomes part of the evolution of our work environment. The question is how do I confront this?

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution approaches and with all the questions that I have of how I evolve, the one trend that has not changed is building relationships, trust and integrity. Climate change may impact where I get my coffee from, AI may influence how I purchase my coffee, Cryptocurrency may be the means to pay for my coffee. With all these global, irreversible changes, that affect our economics and society, the way I do business will not change. Building relationships and sharing a coffee, even if it has been delivered by a drone, will still matter.

AI has the potential of keeping technology beneficial and helping us to have more time to connect and reinvent ourselves as a civilization. It could possibly help us eradicate diseases, poverty, corruption and war. Workplaces could potentially have employees finding purpose and developing new skills.

What are we as a society looking for behind this technology and what is it all about? What’s the role of humans in all of this? Do we as the human race need a strategy or will we eventually find our purpose? Deep thoughts to ponder on.

I’ll leave you with the following saying which Aristotle foretold, “The end of labour is to the gain of leisure.” Want to go for that coffee?

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