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Application Modernisation & Cloud Readiness Assessment

Worried about the lifespan of your existing applications?
Modernise your applications by starting with an assessment.


DVT is a trusted partner to get you into the cloud, fast.

We are experts at assessing Microsoft based systems and mobile platforms. DVT has a track record of deploying applications that utilise Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

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What concerns do we address?

  • Cloud readiness of applications and identifying obstacles for a cloud migration
  • Measuring the quality, scalability and the maintainability of your existing applications
  • A cost analysis of running your applications in the cloud
  • How to reduce cost by utilising Platform as a service (PaaS) offerings in the cloud
  • Security practices of your applications
  • Readiness of your applications for investment in new development
  • Source code safety
  • Integrity of your database design
  • Were software development best practices followed on your applications?

Why DVT?

  • We have 20 years of experience in developing world-class software
  • DVT is a Microsoft Partner for Azure Cloud solutions
  • Numerous successful customer cloud deployments across various industries
  • A large local team with expertise and skills to move your business into the cloud

What we offer?

  • Assessment of your existing applications for longevity and enhancements
  • A technical roadmap for your applications to accommodate your business needs
  • A cloud readiness assessment of your applications that includes detailed recommendations for Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) deployment
  • Gap analysis between business requirements and technical implementation
  • Mapping of business requirements to an application technical roadmap
  • Outcome: Documented 'as is' report with recommendations

What does an application modernisation assessment entail?

During the technical assessment we would undertake to understand:

  • The core functionality of the application as well as the key concerns from a business perspective.
  • Data integrity and Database design.
  • What software development processes are in place.
  • Code structure, patterns and overall application architecture.
  • Application hosting environment and networking topology.


DVT makes use of a series of static analysis tooling to assess your application, providing a full view on your application, request lifecycle, performance bottlenecks and many more.
The assessment methodology defines your software based on complexity, code readability and maintainability, technical debt and cloud readiness.


During the assessment, we will provide answers to questions like:
  • Benchmark your applications against the top 10 OWASP security risks for .NET web based applications.
  • Authentication, authorization and password management processes.
  • Report on vulnerabilities in application packages.


  • Delivery of a full 'as is' technical assessment report.
  • Presentation of initial findings followed by discussions to conclude recommendations.
  • Mapping of requirements roadmap to technical roadmap.

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