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UX/UI Design

Create digital experiences with a user-centric approach.
Our designers will help you make an impact.

Services we offer

User Experience Design
User Experience Design

Intermediate to senior UX and UI designers in Johannesburg and Cape Town, available on a month-by-month contract or by the hour.

UX Review & Analysis
UX Review & Analysis

Need to improve your website or app’s usability but not sure where to begin? Expert reviews are a great way to discover what UX design can do for you.

Mobile User Interface (UI) Design
Mobile User Interface (UI) Design

Assisting you with design guidelines and the necessary input for Android and iOS to create seamless mobile user interfaces.

Web User Interface (UI) Design
Web User Interface (UI) Design

Great copywriting, SEO and responsive web design are important ingredients for a top-quality website or web app. We can also provide HTML and CSS code.

User Research
User Research

Engage the user to discover what works. Our processes include qualitative research such as interviews, workplace observation, and quantitative methods (e.g. surveys)

Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping

Get early feedback from both stakeholders and customers on product concepts by using industry standard design tooling.

UX Training
UX Training

Learn about the principles and practices of great product design. UX training available for your teams targeting designers, developers or business executives.

Usability Testing
Usability Testing

Gain key insights by placing the product into the hands of users in a lab environment or real-world context.

A few of our clients

Our Design Process

• User research
• Design sprints
• Interviews
• Journey maps
• Sketches
• Wireframes
• Paper prototypes
• Interactive prototypes
• Observation
• Usability labs
• Questionnaires
• Data analytics
• Style guides
• Visual design
• Pattern libraries
• UI development

Featured Insights

Collaborating with UX/UI Designers: A Developer’s Perspective

Collaborating with UX/UI Designers: A Developer’s Perspective

A decade ago, UI (user interface) design was often the responsibility of developers with little or no knowledge of the art and science of visual communication. As designers venture away from advertising agencies and into corporates, many developers find themselves working side-by-side with these creatives.
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When it comes to creating high-quality custom software solutions, UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design are vital components in making sure that the user comes away with a positive impression of the product, leading to numerous benefits for the business.

Our UX/UI Design team

We have a strong team of experienced design consultants and are always pushing ourselves further in our craft, through personal education and our internal knowledge-sharing forum. We hold certifications from Human Factors International and the Interaction Design Foundation.